All About The Orchids

The most popular flowers and plants are Orchids and Phalaenopsis have become one of the most popular variety of orchids because of their low maintenance and delicate balance of poise and elegance. This is the quick start guide to care of those pretty plants. Also give you an understanding of what to do when you bought one. How do you water the plant? It needs less watering so avoid overwatering that will eventually kill the plant. How do you feed the plant? The Orchids love fertilizer regularly. Once in a week is enough and the Neutrog- Expert’s Choice Strike Back for Orchids is good. When should you repot and how? When often evidenced by dead roots or the plant outgrowing. Orchid’s soil should be not fine but more bark and rocky as they grow in rocks so a fresh, fast-draining, but water-retentive medium is essential to the healthy root system necessary for good growth.  Where in the house...

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Wedding Terminology

For a new bride, figure out the difference between a boutonnière and a buttonhole or a trailing and a teardrop bouquet is stressful enough ( actually, there is none). To simplify things, we’ve created a glossary may you research with all the terms you might hear or read in your wedding flower planning. Make it easy, there is no need to remember everything on the list. And of course, if you’ve come across a term that’s not on the list, most welcome to let us know and we will define it for you and add it to the list. Aisle: main passage way between rows of seats at the ceremony site. Typically the path the bride will walk down to her groom and may be decorated with petals or carpet. Altar Flowers: two feature arrangements, usually on an urn and pedestal that sit either side of the Altar. Best man: man who is standing up and with the groom. The best man has special duties he...

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