Event Flowers FAQs

    • How much does it cost to have fresh flowers delivered every week?
      It depends how much is your budget. Our corporate rate starts at $59 per week for a small arrangement. For a standard arrangement, which most customers prefer, starts at $99 per week that delivery, maintenance and vase hire included.
    • Are your floral arrangements maintenance free?
      Yes,we do our corporate design carefully but some flowers especially in hot months do need more water.
    • Can you advise on the best location and type of flowers for my situation?
      Yes, we do inspect your space free of charge and advise you the best situation and design , or if you have any specific place we will consider all aspects, such as height and width to ensure your flowers look absolutely perfect.
    • My manager is not happy with the flowers this week.
      We will consider it, although people have different taste and certainly we cannot please everyone all the time. If a particular arrangement is not at your taste at all, we will come and replace it at no extra cost.
    • Will I be locked into contract?
      Of course not, you are free to change or cancel your arrangement with us at any time.
    • How can I pay for my corporate designs?
      We will send you an invoice once every month and we will accept cash, direct debit, credit and PayPal .
    • When will you deliver my arrangements?
      We will deliver our arrangements every Thursdays morning to early afternoon. Also we will consider if you have any special requirements in this regard.
    • Can I have my flowers delivered every fortnightly instead of weekly?
      Certainly, we will ensure your arrangement to contain only flowers that are known to last longer.
    • Do you arrange your arrangements on site?
      No, our florist does all work at our shop and delivered that morning. In this way your corporate environment will not disturb by us.
    • What is your delivery area?
      Our delivery and setup is Sydney wide.